Time to switch out your radio, PA system throw away
your headphones. PS! Also notice how the video is edited! Mm!
Hello, here is another movie about the electronic music und techno
Bakey Ustl "First Class" through XLR8R, thnx!
From this joint you can find SOME (only) nice tunes (ACID)
Move D & Jonah Sharp @ japanese I- tv, dommune, sept. 21st, '10
One mix by 214_electro and one of his free tracks! Thnx!
Remnants of country music and aesthetics of a digital software
Once again, DJ Chill aka V.V. plays some nice tracks for you!
Some deep elevator-head-jittin' - 50 min and 49 seconds
Some post-melancholic rhythms mixed by Kap6uk
Chris Watson and his weather report and all other recordings!
Petce Concrete prepared one nice for us! Thnx!
Radio Verdure from Russia
Psychedelic disco mixtape by Bepe Loda from 1985
South African taxi jams: Guy Buttery and Die Antwoord
None shall escape judgement this time, these words I sing all ... :)
Neljas aastaaeg / The Fourths Season by Krill
Instrumental ambient, mixed by Pete Concrete (NL)
Instrumental music with vocal vocoders, welcome to the machine!
Friendly Persuasion with google-translation :)
Nice radio! Something for geek during this christmas time!
Roger Malina talks about Leonardo organization
The Harvest - beautiful piece from Sweden
Sunglasses At Night..., this movie is hot again? :)
Bobby McFerrin Shows Everybody Gets Pentatonic
My Bloody Valentine, Tim Hecker, Vainqueur, Substance etc.
The most captivating voice in the World!
If you still don't have enough, listen this - Funckarma!!!
Gary Hill: Sums & Differences, 1978
The noise in my head! Some mixes for your mp3-player!
Draw your own David Lynch drawings and buy an empty CDR!
Old bastards from W-Cost for DubLab
Test your hearing! Perfect summer night mouse-clicks!
Rob Hall does his thing...
Hello, I am DJ Beppe Loda and this is Typhoon 16/81
Chinese Rap Music, Rappin' With Gas AD music etc...
Franco Battiato - Fetus - Released 1972 on Bla Bla - Italy
Belgian Fat Chance - Segond 21 megamix... rappers delight!
King of Porn and Gery Mitchell Does His Thing...
Jonny 5 - Sunrise Over Hackney (1 h at least) for this Friday!!!
Intergalactic FM
Hip-Hop mix by Jancek for Voyager I payback!
Adn' ckrystall - Jazz Mad LP Deutsche Napalm
Small story about mastering with Rashad Becker by R. Henke
Electronic Exploration
L.A. Machine 1 h MP3
Sex Workers Internet Radio Library
One other movie. Road to Goantanamo
Movie by Brian Springer: Spin, quite one of the MUST movies.
Live DJ rec by our friend DJ Stingray
Chill from Tallinn made one electro-mix, click, click, click!
Conflict bassbooster from dubstep to booty to electro by Akkachar!!
Medooza in Paris at Kiosk – (mp3) Don't drink and drive!
Strap-On-Piggy-Jumpin'-Metal-Meal, have fun!
You can get some nasty Ursula Rucker-like from this mix! TF here.
audiosyl.net with Spezialmaterial "all over the place" shows - LOL
So, this is how Nubians are doing! (mind-house and techno)
Mix by Jacen Solo (Ai Rec.) shared through Frequencyradio.org
Some shares by Robert Henke/Monolake on his/their page
Convextion @ NL Live - 2007 March (shared by Sound+)
Voytek wasn't usual bear. (Real Player stream)
Group: acid-techno?!…Brixton "hedonic calculus"
Hectic Red Planet tribute (download!)
Hectic mixes and mingles d'n'b, hip-hop and el'ectro (download!)
Some versions about the copyright
Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich and also Steve Gadd + threesome
Headnoaks electroidish (mp3) and his myspace identity
Some electrobass from UK by Paul Blackford
Medooza from Zürich (let's say: 'women invasion part 2')
video 1 & video 2 - part of a 1997 BBC…
Tanel, friend of mine, gave one link (this one)
Anders Ilar live @ '07-nov-effektverket (here is his www)
Medooza - women-power from Zürich ('05 Mix)
Microscopics Myspace and label's own page
Anders Ilar - Mix from 2002 (duuuudes, this is old true minimal,
not the crap you get at clubs under that tag mostly)
Microscopics (Mat Jarvis) (ex Gas) – some tracks
Rant 3 - Francis E. Dec + essay of Kooks Museum on Ubu Sound
Free download: Back & Forth - Perishable 03 mp3-s.
Flashbulb - reminds crossbred of Taavi Tulev and Taavi Laatsit
Frolicking albums by Singing Science Records (mp3-s)
SLG liveset @ Undergam Colors Studio (Tokyo) (download here)
Herrmutt - Lobby No Bling, No Bitch Confined 001 - available @ temp.72dpi.ee boxes
From temp.72dpi.ee recordbox: Shoreline - From Eden, Home & Inbetween 10" (@ Pits)
Sonmi451 - Vladivostok (CDR 11.2005) by U-Cover, also available @ Pits (temp.72dpi.ee record boxes) (re-press)
Humoorika sõnakäsitlusega inervjueeritav, kuid kõbus ülevaade, tunnetamaks vana head entusiasmi, mida paljud tänapäevalised ei kipu mäletama või pole näinudki. Struktueeritus võib kaotada siira rõõmutunde, loodetavasti mitte täielikult.
DJ Stingray 313 aka Drexciya's DJ mix 2006-nov (mp3)
Headnoks from Blackred will visit KRILL/temp.72dpi.ee this year!
Hectic summer electrofunk mix shared by Hecticlab
Das Webradio der Deutschen Gesellschaft für elektroakustische Musik in Kooperation mit dem Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe
Drexciya's DJ Stingray @ NL (RealAudioStream)
(PS! Starts 13:45)
Shirley and Spinoza Internet Radio Station
Some electro/detroit techno and house played continuously by Jancek (most tracks are also available at temp.72dpi.ee recordboxes - Location: Pits / Tartu) PS! Only vinyls!
A small video - includes sound by Anders Ilar
One small video from KRILL - 4th May 2007
Gas - "Microscopic" - the video is not official... but anyway... :)
Don't listen too much electro, these are the sideeffects
http://www.myspace.com/tundru Tundra @ MyWaste
http://www.myspace.com/wochtzchee Wochtzcheé @ MyWaste
Klaus Röder http://www.klaus-roeder.org/
Kenny Muhammed = drummachine (Part1) & (Part2)
Don't know, is it nice to drink near by this equipment ?! :)
Some mixes for machines by Hectic
Man vs. Robot &
Some short video clips from 2nd March 2007 KRILL
and also there is really nice radio http://www.frequencyradio.org/!
Tracks from 2006 - mixed by musiclover mr Chill
Luke Eargoggle & Johan Inkinen at Tallinn YouTube(-d)
Jancek - Live My Digs 3 (MP3) Hosted: Sladkajakonfeta
Citizen Chill from Tallinn- ''Be Banned" (MP3)
Another mix from Chill - IDM DIY (MP3)
Download: Anders Ilar - Dfrntly>
Juschka - Ear Bubbles VIII (1:00:00) (Dwnld) (MP3)
Anders Ilar - LIVE @ KRILL (Tallinn 13.04.06) Dwnld
Anders Ilar was here at Estonia/Tallinn @ Club "Võit" — 13th April 2006 — KRILL

Q: Which path led you to music-making? A: I've been loving music since I was a little child. I was fortunate enough to grow up in the 80s, when electronic music just began to develope. At first there were Depeche Mode and Howard Jones, then I started looking for even more synthetic sounds. So I found Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. Then I discovered bands like Front 242, Skinny Puppy and Severed Heads. When being a teenager you were either into sports or music. At 14 I got my first synth and drum machine and so it began.
Q: What attracted you in industrial music? A: The sounds, the emotions, the sci-fi feeling perhaps. It was music that really didn't tell the usual storys of popmusic. But we didn't call it "industrial" back then.
Q: Looking back in time, what do you think of your early works? Seems that it motivated you to go on. A: Making music has always been natural for me.
Q: Were you influenced by friends making music or just recordings etc? A: I was, after a while I met friends also into this kind music and possessing some instruments. Eventually we moved all our equipment into a big studio, so that we could all use eachother's stuff and make better music. We looked together for new music and had different bands.
Q: Did it work out for all of you? A: I don't have any contact with most of these people, but I would guess that most of them got regular jobs and lives now. Except Rutherford of course. He's still around, deejaying and making a record every now and then.
Q: What do you put into your music (do you want to express yourself or lead the li sten ers to some specific point)? A: That's up to every li sten er. But if my music takes you somewhere, then it's great. Music is a strange language. There is also a point when making instrumental music.
Q: You said that music is a language. Do you think that it's possible to express all human emotions musically? A: I do. But it's always subjective. So I would rather say that all human emotions could be experienced through music.
Q: Do you have periods when you make music more often or do it less ? If so, what could be the main factors there? A: There seems to be no specific pattern in my case. Sometimes I make one track every week for 3 months, then I don't do anything for 3 months... but then i make ten tracks in 2 weeks. Just never try to force anything. Inspiration usually comes once I start working with some sounds. Sometimes it's like an urge and there are times I believe I'll never make another track.
Q: Which takes you more time - achieving the most inspiring sounds or creating the final composition with them? Which comes more easily? A: Both are very important. One usually opens the way to the other. I usually start by collecting sounds. It also varies for each track, depending on style.
Q: How much do you keep an eye on what's happening in the music at the moment? A: Not much. It's impossible. Also I'm not so excited about looking for new music anymore. When something is really good I'll discover it sooner or later.
Q: Tell us about your new releases. Do you see them more as a pinnacle so far or just a floating point along the way? A: As you can see on my website www.pinesky.com, I've got a lot of releases coming up. And yes.. every release is just as important.
Q: Which one of your older albums is the closest to your soul right now?
A:. I don't like to put music against music. It's all good, so competition is not necessary. Quite naturally I'm mostly into the stuff I'm working on right now. But my aim is to only make music that will last forever. It's like asking which one of your children do you like most. There's love, there's music. Just let it be.
Q: What about the differences between the earlier Anders Ilar stuff and your latest creations?
A: There's a big difference, as I was probably more impatient before. But still, there aren't many tracks that I have released and don't like. There's also a certain charm about kind of experimenting with the software and trying out new ways to work with it. Now, there's always a certain amount of boring routine in the process.
Q: Some people think that electronic music is just either clicking a button on the mouse or deejaying. what would you say to them? A: I would say.. try it. Guitar music is just plucking some strings... Anyone can make some noise.
Johan Inkinen @ temp.72dpi.ee, free time- Listen!
DJ set: Johan Inkinen @ 72DPI-2005-09-24


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Marcel Woyt 21st Oct


Marcel Woyt (Monkey's Club Resident, Düsseldorf, DE) (Listen here)

Marcel Dü¹ess B2B Wim Grower (temp.72dpi.ee)
Antelia (Plänet Elva) (Listen here)

Hoov-i ruumid on soojad ja DJ on WC kõrvalt leidnud tee baariga ühele tasemele.

TIKETKA: 3 / 5

Toetus läheb Marcelinimelisse fondi:

Minimal - evolutionary step for human kind, combining all the natural and artificial qualities of new era, dark and same time overwhelming, provokes euphoria strikes that are so much stronger than sex drive, so that you become ignorant of all the excessive fun.
- let's get it real! (REAL!!!)

Kuru Krill, August 5-7

5th - 7th August 2011
Kuru Krill is an open-air electronic-impression event in Estonia.

50% LIVE and 50% DJ sessions
Juju & Jordash : NL   Fyoelk : NL/GER   Move D : GER
Herrmutt Lobby : BE   Anders Ilar : SWE   Cat from Japan : LV
X3no : LV   Joel Tammik : EST   Edasi : EST
Tanel Paliale : EST   Jagaspace : EST   Gnahwal : EST
ki en ra : EST   Quarah : EST   Allone : EST
Sädelev Kass : EST   Algorütmid : EST   Taavi Tulev : EST
Juhan Vihterpal : EST   Kulgurid : EST   Moemlien : NL/IS
Jantronix Schulte : DE   Marcel Woyt : DE   Oliver Hacke : DE
Sex Tags Mania : NO   Anders Ilar : SWE   DJ Worm : LV
Ilmar K & Aedla : EST   Nemos : EST   Aivar T6nso : EST
Abstract Detail : EST   Jancek : EST   Taavi Ilves : EST
Kersten Kõrge : EST   DJ Evert : EST   Wim Grower : EST
Marcel Dü¹ess : EST   DJ Ilmajaam : EST   mdmaria : EST

Plus loads of fun, visuals, experiments, impressions and ideas - MOIRÉ PATTERN

This is it - 2011. Same place, but loads of new great moments.